Job Interview

To get a job in an organization, it is essential to impress the interviewer in the job interview, further it is very important to introduce yourself and your talent in a proper manner.

The whole procedure is divided into 3 parts: before the interview, introducing yourself and observing your interviewer. Below are some tips to make a strong impression on the interviewer to get a job.
How to Prepare Before Interview:
On the day of interview give yourself extra 30 minutes to groom yourself in which includes your proper attire, nice and clean outlook, polished shoes, hair styled in plain manner and even, also clean nails.
Reach your destination of interview 15minutes before the given time that way you won’t be found in a hassled situation.

A clean print out copy of your CV along with other required documents should be with you.
Do not chew gum, smoke or eat anything greasy before going for interview. Make sure that you don’t have bad breath and carry any breath refresher along with you.
Your Introduction:
When your name is called to enter the room of interview, you should walk-in with a confident pace, shake hand and wait until you are offered a seat.
After taking a seat offer greetings, make sure to address your interviewer with his/ her last name while adding Mr/Mrs/Ms with it, and introduce yourself with your qualification.
Respond to the greetings offered to you by interviewer in a very calm and polite manner.
Observe the Interviewer:
Keep a polite smile on your face and observer your interviewer’s body language, that way you will be able to assess and calm the atmosphere of the room.
While the interviewer is addressing to you, pay your complete attention to them and don’t make them repeat their questions. Also, do not cut in when the interviewer is speaking, let them finish and then answer them.