Job Reviews

The responsibilities of the Project Assistant were to gather and compile the data from various sources in order to enhance the knowledge of the client base. The candidate would work as a team member responsible for using the internet and other databases to formulate core database of clients which would be used in all the departments of the company. The two most important ingredients of this job were proficiency and meticulousness.

PNC Bank Interview Questions

It was an easy and simple interview with a person who was actually supervisor of the candidate. The supervisor was very nice. He asked informal questions and interviewed in a cordial manner. The candidate wore a suit with a tie. In fact this dress code is recommended for everyone who is looking for a job in financial services.

The candidate had later on thought to answer few questions in a different manner, if he would have been given another chance of interview. Overall, he was satisfied with his interview

Working Conditions

There were excellent working environment. The computer and other utensils at PNC were very new and the other amenities were dazzling. The employees of PNC give high esteem to their organization. In fact the other people also respect PNC. The employees are diligent and also very sincere towards their work.

Though the working environment is not very serious, but PNC don’t compromise for quality and offer best services to their customers.  It can further be improved by reducing the number of daily meetings. These are actually not required.  The employees must also be paid as per industry standards, as they feel underpaid.

More on Salary and Benefits

They offer a very lucrative package with health care. Such type of package is normally offered in a larger organization.

Physical Requirements

This job needs no specific physical requirements. The candidate must have the capability and stamina to work on computer for eight hours a day.

Other PNC Bank Job Information

The working atmosphere is very friendly and people cooperate with each other at PNC. If anybody is looking for a job in financial services industry, then he must try his luck at PNC.