Best Jobs

Usually it is not easy to earn a salary. Nobody pays use for doing nothing but there are a few jobs which are less demanding than the others. It is not always the case that less demanding jobs pay you less. Below is a collection of such jobs
Library Worker
By just sitting on your chair and working with the annals of the people and issuing and depositing books you can earn more than a decent living. The atmosphere is usually very pleasant.

University Professor
Though you have to work hard to get a PhD. Degree but later on in your career it becomes a very easy job. You don’t need to prepare lectures or notes to teach the basics.

Working as a freelancer you can offer your services in a fashion that suites you. You can set your own working hours and rates. You can wear casual outfits.

Though it is difficult at early stages, but as an experienced proof reader you can easily skim the content that you want to look for.

Personal Chef
You can deal with the employer for a suitable work load and timings. Usually you don’t have to pay for what you eat in the kitchen.

Water boy
If you are attached with a sports team you just have to take water on the field when required and ensure that the drinks are available when required.

A dentist can have much reduced work load if he compromises for the salary. This is because there are many patients to attend and the work is pretty smooth.

Medical Study
You can present yourself for any medical examination which is being taken for research purposes.

Part time artists can make their living by occasionally signing for different ads.

Bus Boy
You can work as a ticket collector in a bus to earn decent living. A bus boy usually gets incentive of a free meal.
Jewelry Polisher
It’s also another easy job, where you can work in a comfortable environment.

Data Entry
Data entry can be work from home or office job. All you have to do is to sit in front of your computer to enter data.

Secret Shopper
You can work as a mystery shopper for your employer. Just shop and you will be reimbursed or may be paid in advance.
Alumni Event Coordinator
Offer your services as an alumni event coordinator and you will scarcely have to work.

Summer Tennis Instructor
This is job you can do part time in your vacation if you need cash. If you are good player you can coach youngsters while earning money.

Ticket Taker
You would have to just collect the tickets at the gate of a stadium. You can have a free seat in return.

Web Designer
Usually it’s a freelance work. You just have to play with different designing environment to get a variety of results.

Club Sponsor
You just have to arrange meetings, trips and set up a code of conduct.

Apartment Employee
You can get concessions on your rent and easily access your work place if you live in the same building.

Once you make a name in the market the customers will be after you.